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The key to becoming a great mentor in network marketing: It’s NOT about the “How-To”

It’s more about the person.

Most of the time it is a way they communicate with themselves, their belief systems, the language they use, etc.

If you gave me a TERRIBLE script, I could still have success with it.

Some leaders…

I could give them the BEST script in the world and they would still suck it up!


Most of the time it doesn’t have anything to do with tactics but has everything to do with your inner game.

When someone is having challenges on the outside, it’s usually because they are having challenge on the inside.

So, when someone came to me…

Rather than only giving “how-to” information, I do something that’s REALLY ADVANCED.

Ready to hear it?

I have them…



It sounds almost too simple, right?

Become a great mentor in network marketing by leveraging other people’s expertise!

By simply having them read a book…

It will change them.

If I know somebody comes to me with a victim mentality…

I’ll have them read, Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind.

If someone comes to me with belief systems…

I’ll have them read, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

If someone has a lot of negative self-talk…

I’ll have them read, What To Say When You Talk To Yourself.

They receive a book to read…

I instruct them to take notes then call me so we can discuss it!

Instead of addressing their “external issues” we are diving deeper into their internal game.

So, Number 1: Be well-read yourself so you can make these recommendations.

Number 2: When someone comes to you with challenges, work on building them from the inside out and watch what starts to happen.

Make Life An Adventure!
Matt Morris
#1 Best Selling Author

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