Lesson Learned for Business | My Kiteboarding Fail Experience (I hurt all over)

If you’ve ever been kiteboarding, you know it is amazingly challenging.

I had a good lesson from a pretty epic fall.

I took a class in Turks and Caicos years ago and in three hours, I never really got it.

I got up for maybe a few seconds but it was fall after fall after fall after fall. It was crazy.

I finished the lesson with a massive headache and was convinced that I sucked. It was awful.

This time, I took another lesson here in Dorado Beach from a guy who’s been boarding since the ’90s.

It is a little bit frustrating in the beginning.

We got this little bitty kite and we flew this little kite on the land and then we got another kite, and we flew this bigger kite on the land, and then we got another bigger kite and flew it on the land.

I’m like, “Oh my God. How many of these are we going to do?”

We’re going slow and I just want to try to board already.

I was so frustrated because I took so long preparing, so long doing the kite, and so long getting the instructions.

It was a reminder for me that sometimes in life you’ve got to go slow to go fast.

There have been so many cases in business where you want to fly. You want to go fast but you haven’t learned the lessons you need to learn to go fast yet.

Nearing the end of my lesson, I had never gone more than 15 or 20 yards, but this time, I got up and I stayed up and I was flying.

I’m holding the kite, I’m flying along, and I notice I keep getting closer and closer to the beach.

Obviously, you can’t just surf on the beach itself so I’m trying to steer it away, but I don’t really know how.

In my excitement, I forgot that I can just let go of the kite and it’ll come down.

I forget everything because I’m having so much fun.

I finally get onto the beach. My board hits the beach. I fall like crazy. I’m tumbling and the kites pulling me.

My knee cap looks like I’ve got to kneecaps. It is very swollen. I have burned off the hair on my other knee.

My back is all bruised, my neck is sore, and my elbow hurts.

I hurt all over.

Sometimes in life, sometimes in business, you’re going to fall and it is going to fucking hurt.

There’s been a lot of times in business where I have fallen and it may not have been a physical pain, it was emotional, but I’ll tell you what I’ve learned about physical pain.

When you have a physical pain as I have now, I can either get upset about it and beat myself up over the fact that I was so stupid that I flew into the beach or I can be grateful for the experience I had.

When you have emotional pain, you end up having both emotional and physical pain.

What I have chosen to do, even right after that is to say, you know what? It was totally worth it for the ride and my wounds will heal.

I’m not going to be upset about the fall. I’m not going to be upset about being injured because that robs me of the joy that I actually had in the boarding.

It’s a reminder that when you have physical pain, don’t add the emotional pain on top of it.

When you’re whining and complaining about the physical pain, the emotional pain gets added. That makes the physical pain worse.

You’re going to fail in business.

If you haven’t failed in business yet, realize it’s coming.

You’re going to have challenges at some point.

When you have the challenges, you double up the pain if you beat yourself up about it.

I’m not saying you got to blame other people. That’s not it at all. That doesn’t get anything solved.

You never get better by blaming anyone else but it also means that you don’t have to beat yourself up.

You realize it’s all part of the game, it’s part of the learning process, and if you can avoid doubling up on the emotional pain, you’re going to be able to move fast, move forward much, much faster than if you sit around and just continue to beat yourself up.

That’s my lesson from kiteboarding.

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