The Inevitable Storm in Business

It was pouring in Dallas. We had a tornado warning and some crazy flooding.

While it was storming, it made me think about business and how there are inevitable storms.

Some people freak out when a stops come in real. That’s just human nature.

Unfortunately, that also carries over to business.

When the storm comes in business, many people freak out but what you have to realize is the storm always comes. There’s always something that’s going to happen.

No matter how good it is, it’s never going to be so good forever.

There’s always going to be something that comes along and spooks you.

My encouragement to you is just like in life, when a storm comes, realize in business, it’s part of the game.

Don’t freak out or get scared. Don’t lose your confidence and certainty.

Just realize it’s all part of the game.

This is something I’ve had to say to myself a thousand times over the years

When there comes a storm in business, just like when it comes to a storm in real life, realize that the storm will pass and if you will continue forward, things will be better than they ever have before because we need the rain.

Just like in business, we need the storm because it allows you to figure out where your weaknesses are.

It allows you to figure out what you need to do to prevent a catastrophe when a massive storm comes along.

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